Empire of Sin has been delayed until autumn 2020 Drink up, folks, there’s been a change of plans. Prohibition-era gangster tactics game Empire of Sin will no longer be coming out in spring 2020. It’s now been delayed until autumn 2020, as more development time is needed. Romero Games announced […]

Desperados 3 is now coming this summer I’m so glad to be writing about Desperados 3 right now. Its fusion of Wild West cool with the stealth puzzles of Shadow Tactics: Blades of Shogun is something I don’t want to miss. I’d been fearing the worst since the game missed […]

Civ competitor Humankind makes your choice of terrain vital to survival With Humankind, Amplitude is making an effort to reevaluate the fundamentals of historical strategy games like the Civilization series. That’s why the game’s latest development video delves into how the studio has approached the strategic potential of terrain. Terrain […]

Control a giant laser in action-strategy defense game Taur I hope a game that’s a blend of shoot-em-up and wave survival and tower defense sounds good to you, because that is what I’ve got here. In Taur, you control a single giant gun emplacement that you surround with automated defenses. […]

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