LUNA The Shadow Dust review Need to know What is it? A puzzle adventure about a boy exploring a dark tower with his cat companionExpect to pay $23/£17Developer Lantern StudioPublisher Coconut Island GamesMultiplayer? NoLink Official site Hand-drawn animation has been making a resurgence in games recently and it’s a more […]

You need to play The Cat Lady You need to play is a video series where we highlight games new and old that every PC gamer should check out.  Classic adventure games are heavily associated with comedy, but Harvester Games’ The Cat Lady is pure horror and introspection. You play […]

Explore a surreal underworld in free sci-fi adventure Remnants (Image credit: June Flower) Now I know where all the colours went during the Unreal Engine 3 era. They were pinched, and stored in the subterranean facility you find yourself exploring during Remnants. How else to explain the vibrant, possibly even […]

Lair of the Clockwork God review Need to know What is it? Platformer meets point-and-click in the third (and final?) Ben and Dan game.Expect to pay £15.50/$20Developer Size Five GamesPublisher Size Five GamesReviewed on Intel Core i3-8350K CPU, 8GB RAM, GeForce GTX 1060Multiplayer? NoLink Official site Genuinely funny games are […]

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